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Wat Bo Thong Rat Bamrung

Biography (briefly)

In 1966, Ban Omphanom experienced expansion, utilizing the land for logging, farming, and increased agricultural activities. They were in search of a location to construct vital public infrastructure, including a District Office, schools, and hospitals within the vicinity of Ban Omphanom. With the goal of establishing a center to anchor the mind and engage in acts of merit, the villagers collectively decided to build a temple. Under the leadership of Mr. Guay Pansanit, they came together to acquire land for the temple's construction. They organized a monastic residence known as Sangha to provide accommodation for monks during the Buddhist Lent. This led to the establishment of the monastic residence "Noen Phanom Panawat" in 1967. They invited Phra Ajarn Buapha Punyanako to reside during the Buddhist Lent and oversee the construction of a sanctuary. Subsequently, the temple was elevated to the status of a Buddhist temple, named "Noen Phanom Phanawat Temple," established on April 28, 1972. The first abbot was Phra Athit Buapha Punyanako, the Chonburi Provincial Primate. Phra Maha Prachuap Pasathiko, P.D.6 (Phra Thep Chonlathamuni, Chonburi Provincial Primate), brought monks and novices to reside and teach. In 1985, Phra Khru Phanom Pariyatiyathorn (Bua Pha Punyanako) initiated the construction of the Ubosot. Mr. Charoen, Mrs. Chewhya Nissaisuk, along with the group from Wat Uthaitharam in Bangkok, jointly donated an additional 14 rai and 85 square wah of land for afforestation and dharma practice. The temple's name was changed from "Wat Noen Phanom Phanawat" to "Wat Bo Thong Rat Bamrung" to align with the name of Bo Thong District. However, in 1990, after Phra Khru Phanom Pariyattiyathorn (Buapha Punyanako) passed away, the villagers of Bo Thong invited Phra Maha Prachuap Pasathiko, P.D.6, to assume the position of Abbot of Bo Thong Rat Bamrung Temple. They collectively worked to build a prosperous and beautiful temple, supported by villagers, merchants, and people of faith from various places. From 2009 to the present, monks have been appointed by sub-district deans, district deans, deputy deans of Chonburi Province, and the dean of Chonburi Province. They have been successively elevated in their monastic ranks, leading up to the present. In 2012, Phrathepchonlatarnmunee accepted the role of Abbot, subsequently moving to fulfill duties at the temple "Bang Phra Worawihan." This left the position of Abbot at Bo Thong Rat Bamrung Temple vacant. After considering their options, monks and villagers selected Phra Mahakomsan Chinwaro, P.D.9 (Assistant Abbot at the time), to become the Abbot. Currently, he also holds the position of Sangha Dean of Koh Chan District. The temple has two assistant abbots: 1. Phra Maha Sudsakorn Thirapanyo, P.D.8 and 2. Phra Maha Khwanchai Papasusaro, P.D.5. On August 19, 1977, they received the Wisungkhamsima, a sacred boundary marker, measuring 3 meters in width and 6 meters in length. The announcement was published in the Royal Gazette, Volume 94, Chapter 68, dated July 26, 1977. For inquiries, you can contact Bo Thong Rat Bamrung Temple through their Facebook page "Wat Bo Thong Rat Bamrung" or via telephone at 089-546-5535. This historical account is provided by the owner, Prommahakomsan Shinwaro, P.D.9, on August 31, 2022.


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32 Moo 1, Bo Thong District, Chonburi 20270


The ordinary nature of life is that once something exists, it cannot remain forever. The world alternates between light and darkness, just like how day turns into night. Do not become overly saddened or overly joyful about anything.
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