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History of Wat Bo Thong Rat Bamrung Temple

In the year 1966, Ban Omphanom underwent expansion through the utilization of land for logging, farming, and increased agricultural activities. They were seeking a suitable location for constructing essential public facilities, including a District Office, schools, and hospitals within the Ban Omphanom area. Consequently, the villagers of Omphanom recognized the need for a temple, not only to serve as a spiritual center but also as a place for performing acts of merit. Under the guidance of Mr. Guay Pansanit's leadership, the villagers were motivated to collaborate in acquiring land for the temple's construction. This initiative led to the establishment of a monastic residence called Sangha, providing accommodation for monks during the Buddhist Lent. This monastic residence was named "Noen Phanom Panawat" and was established in 1967.

Afterward, they extended an invitation to Phra Ajarn Buapa Punyanako to partake in the Buddhist Lent and oversee the construction of a sanctuary. This endeavor eventually led to the elevation of the sanctuary to the status of a Buddhist temple, known as Noen Phanom Phanawat Temple. The temple's establishment took place on April 28, 1972, with Phra Athit Buapha Punyanako serving as the inaugural abbot. As the Chonburi Provincial Primate, he facilitated the residency of monks and novices, who engaged in teaching and studying various disciplines, including the dharma and Pali departments.

In the year 1985, another significant development occurred when Phra Khru Phanom Pariyatiyathorn (Bua Pha Punyanako) undertook the construction of the ubosot. Mr. Charoen, Mrs. Chewhya Nissaisuk, along with the Wat Uthaitharam group from Bangkok, collectively contributed an additional 14 rai of land and 85 square wah. This land allocation was dedicated to afforestation and the creation of a space for dharma practice. As part of this transformation, the temple's original name, Wat Noen Phanom Phanawat, was changed to Wat Bo Thong Rat Bamrung, aligning it with the nomenclature of Bo Thong District.


However, in the year 1990, a significant turn of events unfolded as Phra Khru Phanom Pariyattiyathorn (Buapha Punyanako) passed away. In response, the Bo Thong community extended an invitation to Phra Maha Prachuap Pasathiko P.D. 6 (Phra Thep Chonlathamuni, Chonburi Provincial Primate) to assume the role of the Abbot at Bo Thong Rat Bamrung Temple. His task included not only guiding the villagers but also rallying the support of local businesses and faithful individuals from various locations. Their shared objective was to collaboratively construct a thriving and aesthetically pleasing temple adorned with numerous chapels, edifices, and a range of ceremonial spaces.

From the year 2009 up to the present, the monks have been designated and advanced through the ranks by sub-district deans, district deans, deputy deans of Chonburi Province, and the dean of Chonburi Province. This progression culminated in their elevation to the status of a Phrathepchonlatarnmunee in the year 2012. Consequently, Phrathepchonlatarnmu undertook the responsibilities of the abbot of the temple "Bang Phra Worawihan" as per command.

This transition left the position of abbot at Bo Thong Rat Bamrung Temple vacant, prompting both monks and villagers to contemplate their options. After careful consideration, they opted to select Phra Mahakomsan Chinwaro P.T.9 (who was serving as an assistant abbot at the time) to assume the position of abbot at Phra Mahakhomsan Chinwaro P.T.9. Additionally, the temple designated two assistant abbots:

1. Phra Maha Sudsakorn Thirapanyo P.D.8 and

2. Phra Maha Kwan Chaipaphasusaro P.D.5

On August 19, 1977, they received the Wisungkhamsima, a sacred boundary marker measuring 3 meters in width and 6 meters in length. This announcement was officially published in the Royal Gazette, Volume 94, Part 68, dated July 26, 1977.

❝ Founding Phra Phrom Dilok ❞

❝ Founding Phra Phrom Dilok ❞

Monarchical Declaration

Phra Maha Uean Hasathammo (P.D.9) was appointed to ascend as the Royal Subordinate Primate. This appointment is in accordance with the inscription found at Hiranbat, which details the accomplishments of Phra Phrom Dilok Pariyat Nayokkanatorn, a devout worshiper of the precepts and holder of the Samajarniwit bachelor's degree from Mahakanisorn Bowon Sangkaram Khamvasi, located at Wat Sam Phraya, Phra Aram Luang, Bangkok.

This proclamation has been effective since March 17, 2023, and was officially announced on March 18, B.E. 2566, marking the 8th year of the current reign.

Furthermore, the order of rank and achievements are as follows:
- In B.E. 2523 (1980): Received a 9-sentence precept.
- In B.E. 2530: Ascended to an ordinary monastic status under the royal name #Phra Sri Priyatibodi.
- In B.E. 2537: Became a part of the royal family under the royal name #Royal Ordinance Tripitaka Bundit Mahakanisorn Bowonsangkaram Khamvasi.
- In B.E. [Year]: Enlisted as #Phra Thepsuthee Thamprichayan Dilok Tripitaka Bundit Mahakanisorn Bowonsangkaram Kamwasi.
- In B.E. 2547: Ordained as a monk in the Dhamma class under the royal name #Phra Thammakunaporn Bowonsilsamajarn Suwithanasasanakijjanukit Tripitaka Bundit Mahakanisorn Bowonsangkaram Khamvasi.
- In B.E. 2553: Earned the Hiranbat Class distinction.

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